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Zenith Group  was born in 1988  from the merger of three companies of the same family unit which allowed to combine the experience and professionalism of:

  • Guantindustria (1955)

  • Zenith Accident Prevention (1969)

  • Leather processing Gentilin Remigio (1970)


The company carries out its activity in the accident prevention sector, with an integrated process from leather processing to the production of the following products: safety shoes, work gloves, special gloves for firefighting, firefighters, chainsaws, punchers, heat shields, leather clothing.
It has a technical office for the design of special items on specific customer requests and needs .


Zenith Group is today a point of reference and reliability to all those (in ziende, institutions, private) seeking and claim prevention, protection, security.

Our products  they include:

  • Personal protection:  personal protective equipment (I II III category PPE) hands, feet, head, breathing, hearing, eyes-face, body, fall arrest.

  • Emergency room:  showers, eye washers and equipment for company infirmaries, accessories.  

  • Hygiene at work:  products and accessories for personal and workplace cleaning.

  • Fire prevention:  fire extinguishers, hydrants and fire doors, fire-fighting equipment, maintenance of equipment with deadline programming software.

  • Management of dangerous and flammable substances: pallets, boxes, cabinets and accessories.  

  • Garbage collection:  waste bins, bins, absorbers, spill kits.  

  • Signs and signs:  road certified, circular 3652 ML PP., safety, corporate and customized.  

  • Fall arrest systems:  devices and solutions for the safety of those who work at height, design and construction of life lines, maintenance of PPE III CAT.

Zenith Antinfortunistica

Marketing of the complete range of workplace safety products.


Processing of leather for furniture, footwear, gloves, also for third parties.

Who chooses ZENITH, chooses quality, safety and reliability.


Since 1969.


Via Sabbioni 11, 36026
Pojana Maggiore (VI)


Tel: 0444 764000
Fax: 0444 764291

VAT number: 01977600244

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