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1969 - 2019: 3 generations that coexist!


WE STARTED FROM AFAR. In 1969 ZENITH began offering services and supports for protection and safety in the world of work. An increasingly important and indispensable value, the concept of safety has undergone a significant evolution over time. Thus ZENITH has now become a reliable point of reference for all those (Companies, Organizations, Institutes, Bodies, Individuals) who seek and demand prevention, protection, safety and serenity at work.

Remigio, Daniela, Luca, Angela and Alberta Gentilin, in addition to the Workers, Collaborators, Customers, Suppliers, also thank all those who have collaborated, contributed, supported and supported ZENITH GROUP, through this half century.


Thanks above all to those who will continue to believe in us over the next 50 years.

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GLOVE TOMY. The Tomy Glove was the innovative, colorful, fashionable product that launched ZENITH in the early 70s .

A real good luck charm for our company which, today, in the accident prevention sector, offers more than 35,000 items.

Who chooses ZENITH, chooses quality, safety and reliability. Since 1969.

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