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Thanks to years of experience in the fire and safety sector, Zenith No Risk  guarantees the highest quality in the provision of services in the field of safety at work. 

Using expert technicians in the fire prevention and security systems sector, Zenith No Risk
  manages to fully satisfy the needs of customers on different levels:

  • Accident Prevention Division - support in the purchase of products and systems to ensure personal protection

  • Plant Engineering Division - consulting, design, installation and maintenance of systems (alarm, burglar alarm, closed circuit systems (CCTV), fire prevention)

  • Consulting Division  - consultancy activities with risk prevention and protection services relating to fire and gas systems, corporate safety and environmental issues, waste management,

  • Training Division  - training courses, also customized at the customer's premises.

Accident prevention

  • Personal protection (PPE)

  • Firefighting and fire extinguishers

  • Technical and professional clothing

  • First aid and company infirmaries

  • Work hygiene

  • Products for accidental spills and storage containers

  • Garbage collection

  • Signposts

  • Fall arrest systems

  • Non-slip, anti-fatigue mats


  • Fire detection

  • Compartments

  • Extinguishing systems with water and inert gases

  • Pumping stations

  • Video surveillance (CCTV closed circuit)

  • Anti-intrusion

  • Emergency lighting

  • Life Lines

  • Scheduled maintenance and rental of fire extinguishers

  • 24/24 availability service


  • Verify company documentation on safety

  • Risk assessment 626

  • Inspections in the workplace, systems and equipment

  • Environment and waste management

  • Sworn appraisals

  • Corporate emergency plans

  • Evacuation tests

  • ADR consultant and waste management


  • Firefighting and first aid

  • Work at height and use of fall protection PPE

  • Respiratory tract and use of self-contained breathing apparatus

  • Ergonomics and video terminals

  • Safety chemical and biological risk, noise, electrical  


  • Management systems

"We are ready to find the solution that best suits your needs, with customization designed specifically for your reality!"


The Zenith Sicurezza headquarters is equipped with a gym, built and equipped to carry out practical training courses:  

  • fire prevention,

  • respiratory tract,

  • areas suspected of being polluted or confined,

  • work at height,

  • life lines,

  • pontists,

  • forklifts and mobile elevating platforms.  

Zenith No Risk also offers technical assistance and equipment to support freelancers who carry out training courses on safety at their companies.
It also provides professional assistance and equipment for technical suitability exams at the Fire Brigade Commands.

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