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ZENITH Sicurezza, a reference company for products and services for safety in the workplace.

ZENITH Sicurezza also actively works for a growth in the culture of the fire-fighting sector through the sponsorship of local and national events and in the training of pupils in schools and high schools.


Its strength lies in its members, each with a different role that is carried out with competenceseriousness and professionalism. We can definitely say that ZENITH Sicurezza is a real task force fully equipped to give protection and tranquility, at any level, in the field of fire-fighting systems and civil and industrial safety systems, after-sales assistance for PPE category III.

Also promoting training courses, scheduled periodic checks, specialist designs and consulting.

Zenith No Risk

Zenith Group

Via Sabbioni 11

Cagnano di Pojana Maggiore 36036 (VI), Italia

Phone: +39 0444 764000

Fax: +39 0444 764291

VAT number: IT01977600244

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Zenith Sicurezza

Viale dell’artigianato 95

Villamarzana 45031 (RO), Italia

Phone: +39 0425 1687049

Fax: +39 0425 1687050

VAT number: IT03625170240