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"Peace of mind at work"

Zenith Group today is a point of reference and reliability for all those (Companies, Institutes, Individuals) who seek and demand prevention, protection, safety.


Our products include:


  • Personal protection: Personal Protective Equipment (I II III CAT) hands, feet, head, breathing, hearing, eyes-face, body, fall protection.

  • First Aid: showers, eye washers and equipment for company infirmaries, accessories.

  • Hygiene at work: products and accessories for personal and workplace cleaning.

  • Firefighting: fire extinguishers, fire hydrants and fire doors, firefighting equipment, equipment maintenance with deadline programming software.

  • Management of dangerous and flammable substances: pallets, boxes, cabinets and accessories.

  • Waste collection: waste bins, bins, absorbers, spill kits.

  • Signage signs: certified road, circular 3652 ML PP., Safety, corporate and custom.

  • Fall arrest systems: devices and solutions for the safety of those working at height, design and construction of life lines, maintenance of PPE III CAT.

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Who chooses ZENITH, chooses quality, safety and reliability.


Since 1969.

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